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Richard 'Epic' Lauw, M.A.

The College Of William & Mary B.A., New York University M.A.
Chief Composer and Sounddesigner
Richard is the hearts and minds of REELTRACKS - music for your eyes®.
A veteran of over 90 TV and film productions, his music and sounddesign is featured worldwide in primetime hit shows such as American Idol, Amish Mafia, and Discovery Channel's Shark Week- the network's highest rated program. Best known for his hard-hitting and epic orchestral hybrid tracks, Richard's trailer music enjoys continuous airplay on many of the largest TV networks including FOX, NBC, CBS, CBB, and BBC. His track Barbarian Horde is featured on the promo campaign for the Emmy Award winning TV show Homeland. Richard is the go- to guy if you need your score to be epic and huge, like Spartacus vs Titans vs Godzilla vs Armageddon vs Chuck Norris!

Martin 'Laschi' Laschober
Sr Composer, Audio Engineer

Rockstar Martin plays keys in various Pop-,Rock-, & Soul Bands. He is also one of the most sought after audio engineers and mixing guru in Vienna. Martin is the crew's Fixer. Have you ever had writer's block or is your mix not sitting right? FORGET ABOUT IT! Martin will wash it away in an acid bucket of creativity.

Andreas 'Mariachi' Bamberger
Gustav Mahler Conservatory
Sr Composer

Andreas' Rock Guitars are everything your grandma warned you of and lead you straight to hell. 'If you got visions, you can go to the doctor's or write badass rock music for maximum mind healing!'

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